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What is the purpose of cookies?

A cookie is a small data element, so-called cookie, which a website can send to your browser and which is stored on the hard drive. Information cookies can be used for different purposes, and the most common are these:
  • Recognise you when you return to the same website
  • Remember your choice of website settings
  • Analyse user behaviour
  • Remember the username and password
You can find more information about cookies and uses here (external link).

What do we use cookies for?

ProCorp uses cookies on our website for the following purposes:
  • Analysis of user behaviour through Google Analytics
  • Consent to use third-party cookies, such as Google Maps, videos, etc
  • About your consent to the use and storage of cookies, i.e. which choices you have made in relation to the consent – approved/rejected.

What happens when you visit our websites in relation to cookies?

When you visit our website for the first time, we ask you to make a choice regarding cookies. A window pops up in your browser and you then have 2 options:
  • Accept all types of cookies – you then give full consent.
  • Choose which type of cookies you accept – necessary information that you do not want active cookies is stored (however as a cookie), and this choice is remembered by the browser.
You can withdraw/change the consent you gave for the use of cookies at any time. These choices can be changed at any time by you here. When you have given your consent, and possibly withdraw this afterwards, cookies may remain on your browser. This applies in particular, to Google Analytical cookies. When such cases occur, the cookies will be inactive, i.e. they neither collect nor send information to Google Analytics. If you do not wish to receive certain cookies on ProCorp’s websites, you can use the button below to unsubscribe. Please note that we do our best to respect your choices, but there is a possibility that not all cookies will be deleted or deactivated. To avoid this, you can change the settings for cookies via your browser. If you need information on how to do this, please click on your browser’s help function.

What are the consequences of deactivating cookies?

Please note that changing the cookie settings in your browser may affect the strictly necessary cookies that are indispensable for this website’s functionality. This may result in the website, or parts of it, no longer functioning as intended. Another option is to adjust your browser settings to notify you when cookies are placed. More information on how to handle cookies can be found on the All About Cookies website. Please note that this website is not affiliated with us. Merk spesielt: Note in particular: According to the applicable law, functional cookies, analysis capsules and other cookies related to third-party capabilities will only be placed via our website if you have allowed this by pressing the relevant button in the information banner for cookies, or in the list of cookies. When you have chosen to allow or not allow cookies, the information banner for cookies disappears, but it may appear again at intervals. Furthermore, if you want to change your cookie settings, you can always go back here, use the buttons below, and change the status of your settings. Please note that if you do not allow functional cookies, analytical cookies or third-party cookies, the ability of the website and third parties to improve your online experience and provide you with personal information and services will be limited.